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Often the length of leave, paid or unpaid, is at the discretion of the employer depending upon the circumstances, but it is important not to show preferential treatment. Absenteeism may also result if there is no proper recruitment and selection. One recent Gallup poll did not put a price tag on the sniffles and swollen eyes, but claimed that more than 3 million workdays per year are lost when working people stay home because their allergies are acting up.

If absence is paid, salaries and benefits are also costs to the organization. The workers do not get proper facilities for attending to family work. Perhaps a better idea would be a less intimidating anonymous survey, to ask the employee, "Have you ever called in sick for reasons other than actually being ill?

Most of the workers suffer from a high degree of indebtedness. A leave taken by an employee is not absenteeism. This should be documented in the employee handbook and communicated regularly.

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There should be well defined rules and regulations for work.

Absenteeism and Employee Turnover Essay Sample

Work, job and money are not doubt important to them but only to the extent to which these help them to achieve their goal. Availability of Mental Well-Being Facilities in the Organisation Mental well-being facilities are equally important for the employee to work effectively and efficiently and achieve the goals of the organisation.

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Absenteeism may also result if there is no proper recruitment and selection. Therefore, as compared to physical-being facilities, the provision of mental well-being facilities by various organisations is satisfactory.

How to measure time lost There are a number of measures that can be used to assess absence, each of which gives information about different Turnover and absenteeism essay of absence. You have to apply other system to make sure your absenteeism rule and regulation implemented well to all employee.

Jury leave is also a legitimate absence, so too is attending ante-natal classes. Educate your staff and managers on: The workers feel fatigued after a short period of work if there is insanitation, noise, dust, dampness, etc.

Many organizations do not realize that they may have established an absence culture based on their absence policy. Since Decemberemployees are allowed to take dependant leave if a dependant needs to be cared for. Employees are more likely to be honest if there is no way to trace their comments back to them.

Incidence of industrial accidents increase. Some companies have implemented a surprisingly simple solution to the problem of chronic absenteeism: Some studies have shown that rate of absenteeism has been higher during festival periods as compared to other periods.

Frequency rate The method shows the average number of absences per employee, expressed as a percentage. Department of Labour has recommended following formula for calculating absenteeism rate: The exit of workers or their absence from work disrupts production schedules.

There should be a proper grievance settlement machinery for the workers. Social and religious ceremonies are a major cause for absenteeism. Chronic illness of one or other of the family member, working wife, delinquency etc.

In India, absenteeism is highest in April-May and September-October months due to harvesting and sowing reasons. In the next round of labor negotiations, the company secured the elimination of the vacation-day substitution practice. An organisation must assess if it has a problem with absence, its extent and the best way to tackle it.

Some studies have shown that rate of absenteeism has been higher during festival periods as compared to other periods.Improving Organizational Behavior - The Relation Between Job Satisfaction, Absenteeism, and Employee Turnover.

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My Account. The Relation Between Job Satisfaction, Absenteeism, and Employee Turnover Employee Absenteeism Essay - We all have been absent from work for one reason or another.

Some are absent more. More about Job Satisfaction, Productivity, Absenteeism and Turnover with Respect to Gender How can leaders motivate staff in order to improve productivity and job satisfaction? Words | 7 Pages. Labour Turnover and Absenteeism Essay.

Answer the following mark question “A business is suffering from high labour turnover and absenteeism - Labour Turnover and Absenteeism Essay introduction. Evaluate the potential causes of their high turnover & absenteeism and. Introduction to Absenteeism Absence is a phenomenon that is present in organizations that are large and small, public or private, urban or rural.

Labour turnover and absenteeism is a vital issue in an organization especially in the clothing industry. It is mainly causes of employee dissatisfaction in workplace. Every organization needs to give focus on how to change employee mind from job dissatisfaction to job satisfaction.

This paper will look at identifying the cost of employee turnover, Essay on Absenteeism at Ono Inc. Case Absenteeism seems to have increased over the.

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